Training on Softwares for Sustainability Research

Indonesia, as a country with abundant natural resources, is one of the key players in the trade of agricultural commodities and wildlife. The commodities studied by the UKRI GCRF Trade, Development and Environment Hub (TRADE Hub) in Indonesia are palm oil, coffee and wildlife due to the large market and production as well as challenges in managing these commodities.  

TRADE Hub seeks to increase the relevance and encourage use of our research, to support decision makers at all scales in developing and implementing relevant policies and regulations. TRADE Hub also seeks to increase and develop the capacity of researchers to provide high-quality research for better science-based recommendations. The researcher’s knowledge and skills of research methodology and techniques are necessary to create strong research products towards high complexity topics.  

IPB University in collaboration with CIFOR and RCCC UI held a series of training on the use of computer-based softwares as research tools for TRADE Hub Indonesia researchers and other partners from November 2020 to December 2022. The softwares learned by training participants were NVivo, Kumu, UCINET & NetDraw, OpenMEE, Rayyan, and Colandr.    

The training series aimed to increase the capacity of young researchers to conduct research and synthesize knowledge in support of public regulations as well as incorporate research information into decision-making processes and to improve the relationship between research, policy and practice. 

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