Working with local communities and policy makers to better understand and preserve Africa’s forest landscapes

Africa is home to savanna, dry forests and tropical forests, including the second largest in the world, the Congo Basin. These ecosystems are home to rich biodiversity such as giraffes, endangered gorillas, antelopes, forest elephants and thousands of birds and tree species. Tens of millions of people rely directly or indirectly on the forest to meet their food, shelter and energy needs.

Through capacity building, engagement in development, scientific studies and long-term collaboration with local partners, CIFOR is filling key information gaps and piloting policies for more sustainable management of African forest landscapes.

About our work in Africa

CIFOR’s work in Africa addresses research, development, policy and technical gaps to ensure the sustainable management of forest landscapes so that biodiversity and communities can thrive.

Our work

From food security to the sustainable use and trade of forest products, our focus is on finding solutions for both the forests of Africa and the people who depend on them.

Artisanal logging and domestic timber markets – informing national forest policies that provide an adequate response to the challenges associated with illegal logging and the growth of the domestic timber sector, its impact on forests, its challenges with formalization, and its links to exports.

Sustainable consumption of wild meat and food security – promoting sustainable wildlife management to ensure that wildlife can provide nutrition and income, contribute to poverty alleviation, and safeguard human and environmental health.

Sustainable woodfuel value chains – working to improve woodfuel governance, promote more sustainable value chains and pilot innovative policy and technical options such as community plantations or improved stoves.

Restoration of degraded lands – supporting African countries to meet their commitments under the AFR100 initiative and restore the region’s degraded lands into resilient landscapes that contribute to sustainable development.

Forests and climate change – providing policymakers, practitioners and local communities with the information, analysis and tools they need to implement policies and projects for adaptation to climate change and reduction of carbon emissions from forests.

Knowledge sharing – disseminating research findings and solutions to sustainably manage Africa’s forests with communities, policymakers, journalists, and practitioners.

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Our researchers continue to build and maintain strong partnerships in countries where we do research

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