CIFOR operations are supported by a dynamic governance and management structure.

Integrated Leadership and Management Group (ILMG)
Robert Nasi
Managing Director, CIFOR-ICRAF
Director General, CIFOR
Tony Simons
Executive Director, CIFOR-ICRAF
Director General, ICRAF
Ravi Prabhu
Director of Innovation, Investment and Impact
Kumar Tumuluru
Director of Corporate Services
Michael Dougherty
Acting Director of Communications, Outreach and Engagement
Fergus Sinclair
Chief Scientist
John Colmey
Managing Director, Global Landscapes Forum
Peter Minang
Director, Africa
Vincent Gitz
Director, Program and Platforms (DPP)
Javed Rizvi
Director, Asia
Anne Larson
Team leader, Equal opportunities, Gender, Justice and Tenure
Peni Kartika
Team Leader, Human Resources, CIFOR
Idah Ogoso
Head of Human Resources, ICRAF
Elizabeth Kariuki
Non-voting member
Executive Manager, ICRAF
Lotta Hedberg
Non-voting member
Chief of Staff, CIFOR
Global Landscapes Forum
Robert Nasi
Director, Global Landscapes Forum
John Colmey
Managing Director, Global Landscapes Forum
Kamal Prawiranegara
Deputy Managing Director, Global Landscapes Forum
Resilient Landscapes
Tony Simons
Executive Director, Resilient Landscapes
Robert Nasi
Managing Director, Resilient Landscapes