Training sessions on stakeholder network and qualitative data analyses

IPB University, which leads TRADE Hub capacity building activities in Indonesia, held its first series of training sessions in collaboration with CIFOR. The first session focussed on stakeholder network analyses for sustainable development using Kumu, UCINET and NetDraw software, while the second looked at using NVivo and Colandr software for qualitative data analyses and literature reviews for sustainable development. Despite being held online, the first session attracted 460 participants, while 268 participants attended the second session. Participants came from various backgrounds: academics (58%), research institutions and NGOs (22%), government institutions (9%) and practitioners (5%). The training materials were delivered by researchers from CIFOR and the University of Indonesia’s Research Center for Climate Change (RCCC-UI). The IPB University and TRADE Hub Indonesia team plans to hold further training sessions on a variety of topics relevant to the needs of researchers and stakeholders.

Materials and video recordings of the training sessions are available below (in Bahasa Indonesia).

Session 1 – Stakeholder network analyses

Session 2 – Qualitative data analyses and literature reviews