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L’avenir de la faune sauvage en Afrique centrale passe par l’implication des communautés locales

09 Aug 2017

Bogor, Indonésie, le 9 août 2017 Pour de nombreuses familles rurales en Afrique centrale, la chasse joue un rôle primordial à la fois dans la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle, et dans l’apport d’une part significative de revenus par la vente du gibier. La quantité de viandes sauvages consommée annuellement dans le Bassin du Congo est […]

EU timber license could help Indonesian small-scale furniture exporters access global markets

13 Jul 2017

Jakarta (Indonesia), July 13, 2017 Indonesia started issuing FLEGT (Forest, Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade) licenses in November 2016. With this license, timber exports from Indonesia can enter the European Union market without the need for importers to conduct further due diligence checks. Entering the EU market could serve Indonesian exporters as a reference to […]

CIFOR puts forests and people first

26 May 2017

Bogor (Indonesia), May 26, 2017 In 2016, the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) made great strides to put forests and people on the global development agenda. As the world gears up for action on climate change and sustainable development, CIFOR research showed how putting landscapes, forests and people at the fore can make a […]

Swedish royal family seeds forestry collaboration with CIFOR and Indonesia

22 May 2017

Bogor (Indonesia), May 22, 2017 Indonesia, Sweden and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) share the vision of a more sustainable world, in which forestry research and innovation play a critical role. Today, Their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden visited CIFOR’s global headquarters in Bogor, Indonesia. They attended a seminar where scientists […]

Communities part of discussions to solve peatland problems

18 May 2017

Jakarta (Indonesia) 18 May 2017 – Communities from peatland regions around Indonesia today joined a global forum in Jakarta on solving the problems they are facing, and to share experiences for those facing similar problems around the world. Local communities were at the center of discussions among policy makers, scientists, business leaders, civil society representatives […]

Global Landscapes Forum reaches out to communities for solutions on peatlands

17 May 2017

Communities from around Indonesia will join a global conference in the nation’s capital tomorrow to discuss solutions for the country’s critical peatland landscapes.

Global momentum building on peatlands research for climate change

17 May 2017

Bonn (Germany), 15 May 2017 —Peatlands have so far been underestimated in global climate change negotiations, but this is starting to change. Discussions alongside the UNFCCC Bonn Climate Change Conference last week showed an increasing interest in the carbon dynamics of these critical landscapes, and their potential contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation. The […]

New research: More peat in the tropics than previously thought, with implications for climate action

09 May 2017

Bonn (Germany), 9 May 2017 – Peatlands and wetlands have been underestimated in terms of their global extent, as well as their potential to contribute to action on climate change. New research finds there may be up to three times more peat in the tropics than was previously thought, with huge implications for the conservation […]

CIFOR and FOERDIA join forces to solve forest fires and peatlands

12 Apr 2017

Bogor (Indonesia), April 12, 2017 — Protecting peat from forest fires and restoring degraded peatlands are complex processes that require solid science. In an event held in Bogor, Indonesia, on April 12, experts from the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and the Research, Development and Innovation Agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and […]

Reconsider the impact of trees on water cycles and climate, scientists ask

20 Mar 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 20, 2017 Reconsider the impact of trees on water cycles and climate, scientists ask Bogor (Indonesia) and Nairobi (Kenya), March 20, 2017 Forests and trees play a major role on water cycles and cooler temperatures, contributing to food security and climate change adaptation. In recent decades, the climate change discourse […]