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Fires: Stop Blaming, Start Acting

10 Sep 2002

Luca Tacconi, author of a new report on fires in Indonesia, says itis time to revise legislation and create effective social partnerships to solve the fireproblem rather than just allocating the blame. Each year, from February to March and August to October, the hazethat disrupts social and economic activities in Indonesia also brings with it […]

Local Government Important in Sustainable Forest Management

18 Jul 2002

Center for International Forestry Research signs Memorandum of Understanding with Malinau Regency – East Kalimantan, Indonesia JAKARTA, Indonesia Reflecting the important role of local government in forest management and the welfare of local people who depend on forests, CIFOR signed its first Memorandum of Understanding with the regional government of Malinau on Monday, 13 May […]

ASEAN Regional Haze Action Plan

13 Jun 2002

The Center for International Forestry Research in Bogor (CIFOR) welcomes this week’s signing in Kuala Lumpur of the ASEAN Regional Haze Action Plan. The Regional Haze Action Plan calls for measures to prevent and monitor land and forest fires and to increase fire-fighting capability. It also requires neighbouring countries to assist with the movement of […]

New Report Finds That Conserving the World’s Forests Depends on Support for Community-Based Forest Enterprises Indigenous and Local Groups Now Control 25 Percent Of Developing World’s Forests

07 Mar 2002

London, 7 March 2002 — The fate of the world’s forests is inextricably linked to the fate of more than 500 million of the world’s poorest people living in and around forested areas, according to a report released today by two of the world’s leading forestry organizations. The report finds that when forest communities have […]

Indebted pulp mills put heavy pressure on forests, wwf-cifor study shows

11 Feb 2002

Jakarta-Indonesia. Indonesia’s largest pulp producers plan to clear nearly 500,000 hectares of natural forest in Sumatra by 2007, according to a recent study by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), based in Bogor, Indonesia. This would destroy some of the last stands of natural forest in […]