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‘Forests are a key issue for climate change discussion.’ Yvo De Boer, speaking at the first Forest Day held parallel to the COP

07 Dec 2007

The Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC, Mr. Yvo de Boer, was presented with a set of key recommendations on the role of forests in combating climate change for consideration at the 13th Conference of the Parties in Bali (COP 13).

New Report Warns Failure to Understand Root Causes of Deforestation Imperils New Efforts to Curb Forest-Based Carbon Emissions

06 Dec 2007

-A new study by one of the world’s leading forestry research institutes warns that the new push to “reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation,” known by the acronym REDD, is imperiled by a routine failure to grasp the root causes of deforestation. The study sought to link what is known about the underlying causes of the loss of 13 million hectares of forest each year to the promise—and potential pitfalls—of REDD schemes.

Forests earn poor farmers more money left standing than if they’re cut down for planting crops

04 Dec 2007

—Deforestation in tropical countries is often driven by the perverse economic reality that forests are worth more dead than alive. But a new study by an international consortium of researchers has found that the emerging market for carbon credits has the potential to radically alter that equation.

Indonesian scientist shares in the kudos of UN Climate Change Panel’s Nobel Prize

01 Nov 2007

31 Oct 2007: As Indonesia’s forests assume an increasingly significant position in the global fight against climate change, it is fitting this year’s Nobel Peace Prize is shared, in part, by an Indonesian scientist dedicated to ensuring his country’s forests are managed sustainably.

Former US President Bill Clinton applauds forest and climate change initiative by the Indonesian Government and CIFOR

08 Oct 2007

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has recognized a commitment by the Government of Indonesia and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) to address the role of forests in climate change. The commitment was featured at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting in New York. The September 27th event attracted hundreds of international leading figures from government, industry, academia, philanthropy and civil society.

Vietnam learning how to balance conservation with people’s livelihood needs

18 Sep 2007

One of the great challenges facing many developing countries today is balancing the need of millions of rural poor to feed their families by harvesting forest animals and plants with the need to protect the forests from excessive damage.

Deforestation & Climate Change High-Level Meeting on Forests and Climate, Sydney, July 23 – 25

22 Jul 2007

International efforts to assist developing countries fight climate change by reducing deforestation can succeed, but will require time, money and a willingness to take often politically difficult decisions, according to the head of a leading international forest think-tank. Frances Seymour, Director General of the Indonesia-headquartered Center for International Forestry Research, is an invited speaker at the Australian Government’s international High-Level Meeting on Forests and Climate, Sydney, July 23 – 25.

Press Release Bupati Malinau Sebagai Penerima Penghargaan Kalpataru Tahun 2007 Kategori Pembina Lingkungan Hidup

05 Jun 2007

Disaat issu pemanasan global dan perubahan iklim merebak, dimana Indonesia dituding sebagai penyumbang emisi karbon terbesar ke-3 di dunia dan dimasukkan ke dalam guiness book of record sebagai negara penghancur hutan tercepat di dunia, masih ada kabar baik dari kabupaten Malinau, yang berani memproklamasikan dirinya menjadi kabupaten konservasi dengan membuahkan Kalpataru.

To Reduce Poverty and Conflict African Governments Moving to Recognize Local Community Rights to Own and Manage Forests

12 Mar 2007

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON (13 March 2007) – Government officials, researchers, and civil society leaders from West and Central Africa convened today in Yaoundé to share experiences and assess the impact of recent reforms involving recognition of community-based property rights and devolution of management authority to indigenous and other local communities in forest regions. Cameroon has achieved significant process, while other Central African countries are learning from Cameroon to herald similar progress in the near future.

Government of Cameroon and CIFOR sign Host Country Agreement to help forests and people

08 Mar 2007

Yaoundé, March 9, 2007: The future of Central Africa’s forests in supporting millions of livelihoods and providing a vital habitat for much of the world’s rich biodiversity was significantly enhanced today with the signing of a Host Country Agreement between the Government of Cameroon and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR).