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Decentralisation of Indonesia’s forests – threat or opportunity?

14 Aug 2001

JAKARTA, Indonesia – The Indonesian government is relaxing itscentralised control of the country’s forests. This action follows the trend in manymajor forest countries such as Brazil, China and the United States. The push towardsregional autonomy and decentralisation is inevitable, but brings with it as many dangersas benefits.

No quick fix for forest fires, researchers warn

30 Jul 2001

Bogor, Indonesia, July 30, 2001—Recent reports of forest andland fires in Indonesia have raised fears of a repeat of the choking haze that blanketedmuch of southeast Asia in 1997/98. Last time this happened, the fires caused over US$9billion of damage. Dry conditions and the threat of another El Niño event could start thecycle again this […]