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Up in flames: Inside Indonesia’s fires and haze

30 Oct 2015

Fires continue to burn across millions of hectares of land in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, sending thick, toxic smoke into the atmosphere, in what are the worst fires the region has seen in two decades.

Indonesian mangroves – best hope for slowing climate change: New study

28 Jul 2015

*** MEDIA ADVISORY *** Protecting mangroves is essential for slowing global climate change: New study Indonesia could slash greenhouse gas emissions by stopping the clearance of mangrove forests for aquaculture, analysis finds   Indonesia’s mangroves store one-third of the world’s coastal carbon stock and must be protected if the country is to slash its emissions […]

Indigenous communities best for conservation: New study

15 Jul 2015

Environmental monitoring by indigenous communities plays a vital role in effective natural resource protection and can ‘fill the gap’ over vast regions where formal conservation authorities are absent.

International Day of Forests: Experts highlight critical role of forests for SDGs, climate change

20 Mar 2015

Forests are essential in global efforts to fight climate change and ensure a sustainable future, say experts who point to a growing body of scientific knowledge to help countries meet these goals.