Cuisinons local pour soutenir les éleveurs de Kisangani

18 May 2021

Dans le but de réduire la consommation de viande de brousse dans la ville de Kisangani et de promouvoir une alimentation durable en faveur de l’économie locale, nous partageons avec vous une série de recettes à base de viande fraîche (poulet, porc et chèvre) que vous pouvez facilement préparer à la maison. Si vous souhaitez […]

1 million trees planted to energize the Congo Basin forests

07 May 2021

Three years into a restoration project, Yangambi, a lush forest landscape in northern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has just celebrated the planting of its millionth new tree. Home to a famous research station since the 1930s, Yangambi has long served as an open-air laboratory for the study of tropical agriculture and the Congo Basin forests. […]

‘No wildmeat in cities,’ says a new campaign in the Congo Basin

04 Mar 2021

Q&A with CIFOR wildlife management expert Nathalie van Vliet In the Congo Basin, wildmeat is a prime source of protein for rural populations and a treat for city dwellers that consume it as part of their cultural heritage and a symbol of status. More than 12 million tons of bushmeat are sold in the region on […]

Photo exhibit traces history of Congolese rainforest research station

08 Feb 2021

Located right in the center of Africa, an extensive plateau of dense forest flanked by the imposing Congo River has served since the 1930s as the ideal setting for an innovative scientific facility dedicated to the study of the continent’s tropical forests and agriculture. The Yangambi station has gone through good times and bad, but […]

Understanding tree growth for the sustainable management of a popular tropical timber species

08 Feb 2021

Afrormosia is among the most exploited timber species from the Congolese rainforest. However, as the trees suffer from regeneration problems, overexploitation may jeopardise the survival of the species. To develop a more sustainable management, researchers are trying to understand the tree’s growth pattern through experimental plantations. Popular but vulnerable Afrormosia (or Assamela, Pericopsis elata) is a […]

Yangambi: Planting the roots of vegetation classification in Africa

18 Nov 2020

Beginning in the late 19th century, effective classification of Africa’s bounteous vegetation became a major preoccupation for European geographers and botanists. Seeking to gain a better understanding of the vast territories that their countries had colonized, they hoped to contribute to more efficient land use, resource and environmental management. But they soon realized they faced an […]

Mitigation potential of Congo Basin remains largely unknown, but not for long

18 Nov 2020

As the world grapples with a new pandemic and a flurry of fires and storms exacerbating concerns over the climate crisis, a scientific milestone has been achieved in the heart of the world’s second largest tropical forest. The Congo Basin’s first eddy-flux tower now rises above the canopy in the Yangambi Biosphere Reserve, Democratic Republic […]