Talkshow on A Sustainable Coffee Trade for Ecosystem and Communities

Friday, 23 June 2022, 2 pm

Main Stage Indonesia Premium Coffee Expo & Forum 2022
Lapangan Banteng Jakarta

Indonesia is one of the world’s main coffee producers and trade actors. Indonesia exported up to 359.053 tons of coffee which were valued at approximately 883 million dollars in 2019 (Kementerian Pertanian, 2020). Coffee’s production and trade sector in Indonesia involves a variety of actors, from smallholder farmers to corporations. Coffee has become an important commodity for the livelihood of many Indonesian farmers, where more than 98% coffee production come from small farms. An equitable profit-sharing for smallholder farmers is an important sustainable aspect in the world’s coffee trade which is also a prominent principal included in various sustainability certification. Besides the social aspect, standard implementation and certification of sustainable coffee trade also considers the ecological aspect of coffee production, such as the implementation of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) to increase the productivity as well as decrease the negative environmental impact of coffee cultivation.

Indonesia’s coffee production is still often associated with its impact towards forest areas, where several coffee plantations have evidently been developed in the frontiers (Jha et al., 2014; Schroth et al., 2015). Another issue in the coffee sector is related to the effects of climate change to the coffee plants, which are very sensitive to climate condition (Bunn et al., 2015).  On the other hand, coffee farmers are now still facing limitations and requiring supports to implement sustainable agricultural practices.

In response to this necessity, CIFOR-ICRAF has been conducting various research on the sustainable coffee production and trade. CIFOR-ICRAF research covering upstream and downstream aspects of the coffee in Indonesia, as well as value chain and social network analysis of coffee trade actors.

CIFOR-ICRAF will showcasing research activities and their results at the Indonesia Premium Coffee Expo and Forum 2022 that is organized by Kementerian Koordinator Bidang Ekonomi Republik Indonesia. Visit CIFOR-ICRAF Expo Booth (Starts open at 10:00AM).

CIFOR-ICRAF participation is supported by the UKRI GCRF TRADE Hub project (the UK Research and Innovation Global Challenges Research Fund – Trade, Development and the Environment Hub).

Contact: Sonya Dyah,