Stakeholder consultation by Trade Hub researchers

Courtesy of Sonya Dyah Kusumadewi and Dyah Puspitaloka, August 2020

The Indonesia Trade Hub team, consisting of CIFOR, WCS Indonesia, IPB University and University of Indonesia, started its scoping activities by identifying key stakeholders to engage through its scoping study, existing networks, and a posteriori knowledge. The team then held stakeholder consultations with three key national government institutions between December 2019 and February 2020. Meetings were held with the Deputy of Trade and Industry Affairs, and the Deputy of Food and Agriculture Affairs under the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs; the Trade Analysis and Development Agency under the Ministry of Trade; and the Directorate General of Natural Resources and Ecosystem Conservation under the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. The objectives of these meetings were to inform key stakeholders of and introduce them to the Trade Hub project; initiate engagement to gain their input, insights and support; and to invite them to a project kick-off meeting in March 2020 as well as to future events and activities

Meeting with the Ministry of Trade’s Trade Analysis and Development Agency (Trade Hub team from CIFOR, RCCC UI and IPB).
Meeting with the MoEF Natural Resource and Ecosystem Conservation team (Trade Hub team from CIFOR, WCS Indonesia, RCCC UI and UNILA).

The research team received valuable insights and input regarding key issues and what kinds of research would be useful for the country. Stakeholders welcomed the Trade Hub Indonesia team and were interested in its research topics. The project will continue its engagement with key stakeholders in government and other relevant institutions to ensure important actors are kept informed and invited to participate in project processes.

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