Bioeconomy Solutions

A CIFOR-ICRAF Transformative Partnership Platform for healthy regions with sustainably
managed natural resources and equitable business models in the Global South

Leveraging multi-sector collaboration for creating bioeconomy solutions represents an ‘overlooked’ pathway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve biodiversity, and create equitable jobs and prosperity at global scale. Our Transformative Partnership Platform brings together key stakeholders from public and private sectors and civil society to achieve such transformational change in three steps:

  • Finding common ground: defining common goals for effective transitions towards integrated bioeconomy and land use strategies, based on scientific evidence and joint goals derived from stakeholder negotiations.
  • Going green: harnessing technological progress for developing innovative, versatile, and lasting bioproducts produced sustainably from forests, tree plantations, and agroforestry systems. Replacing cement, fossil fuels and plastic, these products include wood, bamboo, residues, and other biomass; woody biomass for energy and heat; and diverse forest- and tree-based foods complementing diets.
  • Weaving together: pooling human and financial resources, blending ideas and creativity, learning together, and adding value across portfolios of diverse forest and tree product value chains by fostering collaboration at the interface between private initiative, community involvement, government engagement, NGO support, and science-based evidence.
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Consultant for Assessment of Institutional and Environmental Conditions for Forest Land Restoration in Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and North Macedonia

The Sustainable Land, Livelihoods, and Energy Initiative (SLLEI) for Serbia, led by E3 International and CIFOR-ICRAF, seeks to achieve large-scale land restoration and the creation of ‘green’ jobs in support of Serbia’s green and just transition from coal to renewable energy sources (RES).

The application deadline is 24 Nov-2021

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