Himlal Baral

Senior Scientist

Himlal Baral, is a Senior Forest and Landscape Restoration (FLR) scientist with CIFOR-ICRAF's Climate Change, Energy and Low Carbon Development team. Based in Bali, Indonesia, Dr Baral coordinates CIFOR’s work on FLR, planted forests and bioenergy in Asia and the Pacific, specifically, 1) promoting FLR for multiple ecosystem goods and services (EGS); 2) quantifying and valuing EGS under different landscape management scenarios; 3) investigating and developing locally appropriate landscape restoration models; and 4) contributing to land-resource planning for food, biomaterial and energy security. Prior to joining CIFOR-ICRAF, he worked in the forestry and natural resources management field for over 25 years in both the private and public sectors in Asia and the Pacific. Dr Baral has a PhD in Land and Environment and two Master’s degrees: in Forest Science and in Social Science. Dr Baral also serves as a Fellow of the Melbourne School of Land and Environment and of the Global Evergreening Alliance and leads IUCN-CEM’s specialist group on forest ecosystems.