Making landscapes more resilient

07 Aug 2020


Indonesian students shape sustainable forestry solutions through U.S. education

29 Jun 2020

USAID and CIFOR support international graduate program Biodiversity conservation in tropical countries such as Indonesia requires protection of natural ecosystems, promotion of the sustainable management of forests, wetlands and other landscapes, and importantly, provision of opportunities for local people to contribute to solutions while enjoying sustainable livelihoods. The creation and management of successful biodiversity policies […]

Food of the forest

10 Jun 2020

COVID-19 and wild meat

01 Apr 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world, China has outlawed the hunting and consumption of all terrestrial wild animals. The ban is based on the theory that the virus spread from an animal species – most likely a pangolin or bat – to people in a market in Wuhan. If a wildlife hunting ban […]

Wildfire special 2020

24 Sep 2019

Livelihoods from forests and trees

24 Sep 2019

CIFOR is helping countries find ways to lower poverty while building resilience, using landscape-based research into all the ways forests provide for rural communities.

Wetlands for the future

24 Sep 2019

Wetlands – including peatlands, mangroves, swamps and seagrass – store more carbon than any other tropical forest. CIFOR is a leader in putting these little-known ecosystems on the global policy map.

Rights and resources for all

24 Sep 2019

Solving complex social and environmental problems takes a collaborative approach that aims to give everyone a voice. This approach is central to CIFOR’s research on tenure and gender.