Graduate students researching REDD+

18 Nov 2020

CIFOR and NICFI supporting students from Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, Mexico and Colombia embarking on field assessments in three countries Combating deforestation and forest degradation are part and parcel of the efforts to combat climate change. The ambitious global strategy to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation known as REDD+ has been at the top […]

Tree planting

22 Sep 2020

Tree planting is trending globally. Politicians, activists and social media influencers have pledged to plant trillions of trees to curb runaway carbon emissions and restore degraded landscapes. The growing number of ambitious tree planting initiatives is encouraging. How can the world really ensure that tree planting is good for both people and the planet? To […]

Making landscapes more resilient

07 Aug 2020


Indonesian students shape sustainable forestry solutions through U.S. education

29 Jun 2020

USAID and CIFOR support international graduate program Biodiversity conservation in tropical countries such as Indonesia requires protection of natural ecosystems, promotion of the sustainable management of forests, wetlands and other landscapes, and importantly, provision of opportunities for local people to contribute to solutions while enjoying sustainable livelihoods. The creation and management of successful biodiversity policies […]

Food of the forest

10 Jun 2020

COVID-19 and wild meat

01 Apr 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world, China has outlawed the hunting and consumption of all terrestrial wild animals. The ban is based on the theory that the virus spread from an animal species – most likely a pangolin or bat – to people in a market in Wuhan. If a wildlife hunting ban […]

Wildfire special 2020

24 Sep 2019