The daily life of A woman scientist in Yangambi

31 Mar 2022

Victorine Monganga also known as ‘Mama Victorine’, manages a technical school which trains nurses in Yangambi DRC and a CIFOR-ICRAF pilot farm which tests agro-forestry techniques. In this video, she describes her daily activities as a woman passionate about science and agroforestry.

Yangambi Biosphere Reserve: more than 30 years of research

02 Jun 2021

All around the world, incredible people are working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The #ProudToShare campaign by UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB) aims to share their stories and show how communities are making a difference in Biosphere Reserves. Watch Yangambi Biosphere Reserve’s story to find out how a PhD student is carrying […]

Small entrepreneurs contribute to the local economy in Yangambi, DRC

16 Feb 2021

At 19 years old, Darius Lisendja has been a tree-planting seasonal worker since 2019, part of forest landscape restoration efforts in the Yangambi landscape. With the money he has earned, he has already bought two milling machines to produce cassava and corn flour, both used to prepare a local food staple called fufu. This activity […]

Landscape restoration creates green jobs in Yangambi, DRC

16 Feb 2021

Josephine Balila, also known as “Maman Fil” works as a community mobilizer in Yangambi, DRC. She was recruited by CIFOR-ICRAF as part of a large-scale effort to restore degraded lands. Her job is to negotiate with the local communities to ensure everyone’s participation in tree planting activities. Thanks to the efforts of Maman Fil and […]

Charcoal producers turn to sustainability in Yanonge, DRC

16 Feb 2021

Most households in the city of Kisangani use charcoal for cooking, which is supplied by neighboring forest communities, such as Yanonge. Alphonse Selemani is one of many local charcoal producers, an activity that helps him earn money to send his children to school. In 2020, he joined a producers’ association that is planting trees in […]

Graduate students contribute to better management of Congolese forests

16 Feb 2021

With the aim of contributing to economic development in DRC, Jean-Pierre Ngongo decided to study for a Ph.D. in sustainable forest management at the University of Kisangani. The support received allows him to conduct high-level research using remote sensing technologies to study tree population dynamics. He is one of more than 220 students that have […]

Fish farming: Sustainable value chains

15 Feb 2021

Helena Fatuma is the president of a local women’s association in Yanonge, which produces fish in small ponds to supply the local market. Due to overfishing in the Congo River, there is a pressing need for sustainable animal protein alternatives to feed the growing local population – a trend that the group of women identified […]

Yangambi: Partnerships, capacity building and entrepreneurship for a sustainable landscape

22 Jan 2021

Since 2007, CIFOR-ICRAF together with a dozen of partners are working in the Yangambi landscape to build forest management capacity, conduct applied research, and support local entrepreneurship and sustainable livelihoods.