Influence of spacing and seed trees on the growth of Pericopsis elata saplings during the first twenty months of a planting trial

24 Fév 2021

Description of the subject. Pericopsis elata (Fabaceae) is a long-lived light-demanding tree from African rain forests that produces timber of high economic value. Natural populations suffer from overexploitation and a deficit of natural regeneration. Plantations could increase its production and limit the pressure on natural forests. However, we lack knowledge on the influence of spacing […]

Calendrier 2021

27 Jan 2021

Calendrier 2021 (PDF) Un calendrier adressé aux chasseurs qui vise à les sensibiliser sur l’importance d’utiliser le gibier pour nourrir leurs familles. Download

CongoFlux: Measuring greenhouse gas exchange to better understand the contribution of the Congo Basin’s forests to fight climate change

18 Nov 2020

Yangambi, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is now home to the Congo Basin’s first eddy covariance station: the CongoFlux tower. Reaching high above the canopy, this structure delivers continuous and accurate data on greenhouse gas exchange between the atmosphere and the forest, which is critical to better understand the role that tropical forests play […]

Livelihoods of households living near Yangambi Biosphere Reserve, Democratic Republic of Congo

20 Mai 2019

This brief presents findings from an assessment of rural livelihood systems around the reserve.

Are community forests a viable model for the Democratic Republic of Congo?

13 Fév 2019

Since the second half of the 2000s, several options for implementing community-based forest management in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), like the local community forest concession (LCFC), have been discussed in the country’s technical and political circles. Proposals and pilot testing have increased in the last five years, but the funding of initiatives is […]