Tree plantation

CIFOR explores the complex relationships between forests, food and the biological diversity that is critical to our planet’s survival.

When done “right,” tree planting has the potential to help mitigate climate change, support livelihoods, increase biodiversity and improve all-around human health and happiness.

But there are many questions to consider before the first tree is planted: Where will the seedlings be sourced from? How will trees be cared for long term? Are plantations the best option, or would natural forest regeneration be more efficient and effective?

CIFOR-ICRAF research engages with these questions to equip and empower actors at every stage of the tree planting process — from seed to full-grown sycamore/sequoia/sumac.

Tapping the transformative power of tree planting requires the right tree in the right place and for the right purpose [that benefits the right people.]

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