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Each year, CIFOR’s research and scientists are mentioned in over 1,500 news stories by local and international media outlets worldwide. Find the latest here, with over a decade of archives.

media coverage / Thomson Reuters Foundation

OPINION: Unfortunately, the Amazon isn’t the only forest fire story

05 Sep 2019
media coverage / Thomson Reuters Foundation News

Learning lessons from Brazil’s deforestation monitoring

03 Sep 2019
media coverage / The Straits Times

Indonesia tamps down trade spat with EU over palm oil

23 Aug 2019
media coverage / Antara News

Pengobatan ”herbal ajaib“ dari rimba Kalimantan

17 Aug 2019
media coverage / Resilience

Why indigenous peoples’ issues must be national issues

09 Aug 2019
media coverage / BBC – Future

The animals that will survive climate change

05 Aug 2019
media coverage / BBC News – Business

The horrific consequences of rubber’s toxic past

24 Jul 2019
media coverage / SWA – Indonesian Business Online

Tata Guna Lahan Papua Barat untuk Ciptakan Lapangan Kerja

23 Jul 2019
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