Knowledge Sharing on REDD+ in Vietnam

06 Oct 2017, Meliá Hanoi

The complex landscapes of Vietnam


REDD+ knowledge sharing event: moving from readiness to performance-based: lessons learnt from 13 countries

The Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) is undertaking a Global Comparative Study on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (GCS‐REDD). This multi‐country study aims to generate knowledge and practical tools to support efforts to reduce forest emissions in ways that are effective, efficient and equitable and that generate co‐benefits such as poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation.

Module 1 of the GCS-REDD+ project aims to understand how power and politics play out in national REDD+ policy arenas and enable or hinder the required transformational change. It analyses how national processes that formulate and implement REDD+ related policies and measures reflect diverse interests at all levels. The work is currently conducted in 14 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America including Indonesia.

Purpose and objectives of the workshop:
The overall purpose of this workshop is to enable knowledge sharing across the Vietnam REDD+ key stakeholders at the national level, representing government agencies, CSOs, private sectors, donors, academia that form part of these studies, and to identify lessons relevant for the different stakeholders.

The specific workshop objectives are:

  1. Understanding the latest developments of REDD+ in Vietnam
  2. Understanding if the introduction of REDD+ lead to transformational change, to a new mode of governance to enable the implementation of REDD+ or is it just another project? And what will this mean for effectively reduced emissions from avoided deforestation?
  3. Sharing lessons from REDD+ processes from 13 countries



8.30-8.45Opening speechMARD
8.45-9.00Opening speechNorwegian Embassy/Ms. Slenes Tone
9.00–9.30What next after Paris Agreement? Moving from Readiness to Performance Based: Lessons Learnt from CIFOR’s Global Comparative Study on REDD+Christopher Martius/CIFOR
9.30–9.40Short Q&A 
9.40–10.00REDD+ policies and progresses in 13 countriesMoira Moeliono/CIFOR
10.00–10.30Tea break 
10.30–11.00Countries sharing REDD+ experiences
  • Indonesia
  • Guyana
  • Brazil
  • Cameroon and DRC
  • Peru
  • Vietnam
11.00–12.00Plenary discussion 
13.30–13.50Impact on REDD+ on the ground: Findings from CIFOR’s global comparative study on REDD+Mella Komalasari/CIFOR
13.50–14.10Reflection on Vietnam REDD+ pathway and progress (2012- 2016): Lessons learnt and Policy RecommendationsPham Thu Thuy/CIFOR
14.10–14.30New progress on REDD+ in Vietnam: achievements and Lessons learnt from piloted provinces under UN-REDD+ and FCPFNguyen Thi Thu Thuy/Vietnam REDD+ Office
14.30–15.00Tea break 
15.00–16.45Plenary discussion 
16.45–17.00Wrap up and Closing remarkMARD-CIFOR


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