Knowledge Sharing in Guyana

06 Jun 2017, Herdmanston Lodge

The Iwokrama International Centre and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) are pleased to invite you to participate in a Knowledge Sharing Event – Sharing Insights Across REDD+ Countries on June 6, 2017, at 09:00AM in the Ogle Room, Herdmanston Lodge, Lamaha and Peter Rose Streets, Queenstown, Georgetown, Guyana.

This event is part of the Global Comparative Study on REDD+ (GCS REDD+) project which CIFOR has been implementing since 2009. The project takes stock of international, national and sub-national REDD+ experiences to identify challenges and opportunities in designing and implementing REDD+ policies and projects through comparative studies of REDD+ implementation in thirteen countries around the world including Brazil, Vietnam, Cameroon, Nepal and Peru (

The first phase of research focused on overall design issues and aimed to build a strong research-based knowledge. The second phase centered on generating new knowledge to inform and facilitate processes of transformational change within the REDD+ policy arena, and on understanding the performance of REDD+ policy processes, measures and practices.

This current third phase of GCS REDD+ aims to support REDD+ decision makers by assessing REDD+ impact and providing critical analysis of REDD+ in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and equity (3Es), and includes Myanmar and Guyana as additions to the study.



09.00–09.15Opening RemarksDr. Raquel Thomas (IWOKRAMA)
09.15-09.30Opening RemarksDr. Pham Thu Thuy (CIFOR)
09.30-09.45Introduction to Global Comparative Study on REDD+Dr. Pham Thu Thuy (CIFOR)
09.45-10.00Question and answer 
10.00-10.15REDD+ Update in GuyanaPradipha Bolanath (Guyana Forest Comission)
10.15-10.30Question and Answer 
10.30-10.45Coffee break 
10.45-11.00REDD+ Policies and Progress, finding from 13 countriesCynthia Maharani (CIFOR)
11.00-11.15Question and Answer 
11.15-11.30REDD+ Benefit Sharing in 13 countriesMoira Moeliono (CIFOR)
11.30-11.45Question and Answer 
11.45-12.00Wrap up and closing remarks 


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