The development of the Agroforestry Strategy for Kenya provided an opportunity for researchers to support policy development and at the same time gain a deeper understanding of how the researchpolicy gap can be bridged. A briefing note was developed outlining the study approach as well as preliminary findings of this process.1 In this briefing, we consider the implications of the final results and highlight issues for further research.Policymaking is a complex process based on many factors, including values, experience, and resources, but evidence can play an important role.2 Researchers and other stakeholders seeking to support evidence-based policy making can enhance the likelihood that evidence will be used effectively in decision-making by generating information that is salient (relevant andtimely), credible (trusted and believable), and legitimate (fair and unbiased) from both the researchers’ and decision makers’ perspectives

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    Bourne M, Magaju C, Neely C, Peterson N, Vågen T-G, Lamanna C, Winowiecki L A, Chesterman S