Musonda Kapena

The passion for indigenous knowledge systems in forest conservation & natural resources inspires Musonda Kapena in Zambia. She is Coordinator at Zambia National Forest Commodity Association (ZNFCA) and also co-founder of the Namfumu Conservation Trust, both indigenous organizations. ZNFCA is supported by the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) Program, hosted by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN), and a partnership between FAO, IIED, IUCN and AgriCord.

Musonda Kapena has a wealth of 20-years+ of local and international experience with forest communities promoting indigenous knowledge systems towards sustainable management of forest resources and environmental justice. This augments professional qualifications in Strategic Management, Forestry and Natural Resource Management, Environmental Education, International Studies & Diplomacy Studies.

The ZNFCA is an umbrella organization of organized forest-based producers of which the Choma Charcoal producers Association is a member. Through her work with ZNFCA Musonda has been involved in the promotion of the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) to certify sustainably produced charcoal as well as the Study Circle tool for charcoal producers to improve their knowledge on sustainable charcoal production, Climate smart Agriculture and climate change adaptation measures.