Bayu Eka Yulian

Dr. Bayu Eka Yulian will talk about agrarian structures and rural livelihood systems, and explore a silent expansion mode that characterizes the expansion of oil palm plantations across his study site. His research has been based on the use of combined qualitative and quantitative approaches to collecting and analyzing data, and on a Companion Modeling approach to analyzing landscape changes based on various actors’ perspectives. Findings of this research indicate that the silent expansion mode occurs due to an authority vacuum, and livelihoods in rural areas around concessions in the study site becoming heavily dependent on oil palm, which acts as the sole livelihood source. Dr. Yulian will also provide recommended options for resolving agrarian and livelihood issues surrounding oil palm expansion by strengthening legal and formal institutions. He will also highlight ongoing efforts by the Ministry of Agriculture’s taskforce to revise current regulations regarding company obligations to facilitate the establishment of estates for nearby communities.