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Global Trades Agreement Fail To Address a Critical Issue: Growing Demand for Beef Is Destroying the Environment

Gene modeling done by researchers at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México has uncovered that ancient horses survived the Pleistone-Holocene mass extinction by adapting to living in the woods 11,700 years ago. During the mass extinction, many larger mammals died out, but horses adapted to the spread of forests. Early horses were plain dwellers, and researchers hypothesize that the early horses were better able to hide from predators in the darker woodland.

Recent forest loss helps predict timing and location of Ebola outbreaks – Center for International Forestry Research. New research out of the international journal Scientific Reports has found there is a significant association between loss of tree cover and incidences of Ebola outbreaks in West Africa, with outbreaks occurring within two years of the forest loss. This research not only demonstrates the value of forested land, but will also allow researchers to predict and possibly prevent incidences of Ebola outbreak.

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