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Hartree Partners to channel $2 billion toward new carbon credits

“Deforestation happens because it’s profitable for someone,” Arild Angelsen, an economics professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and a senior associate at the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Indonesia, said in a July 2020 interview with Mongabay. “There’s good money in chopping down trees, mainly to convert the land to agriculture. And the idea that REDD [carbon markets] should change that equation by making a living tree more valuable than a dead tree — it will cost a lot of money if you really want to do that.”

Nature-based carbon offsets currently trade at around $5 a ton, but, Perez said in an interview with Reuters, he expects that under increased demand inflation will drive prices up to anywhere from $9 to $30 a ton, further incentivizing farmers not to chop down trees.
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