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Mempertahankan hutan,memberdayakan rakyat (Laporan perjalanan dari Malinau, Kalimantan Timur)

Available in English and Bhs. Indonesia

English: Since the expression ‘reinventing government’ in real terms means empowering the people, the Government need not in fact have too many more worries. If the people are empowered, then community problems become the affairs of the people themselves, and as such, the government burden need no longer be too great. However what is actually happening seems to be the opposite; the Government on the contrary is experiencing even more ‘headaches’.

Bhs. Indonesia: Sejak ada wacana reinventing government yang sejatinya adalah memberdayakan rakyat, sebenarnya pemerintah tidak perlu lagi terlalu pusing. Jika rakyat berdaya, masalah masyarakat jadi urusan rakyat sendiri. Dengan demikian, beban pemerintah seharusnya tidak terlalu banyak lagi. Namun yang terjadi ternyata sebaliknya, pemerintah malah tambahpusing.

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