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Preserving the Ottotomo Forest Reserve

The call was made by the research assistant of CIFOR during a one day sensitisation seminar. The Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), on wednesday held a training session to sensitise and inform the local population in the forest area of Ngoumou on how to judiciously harness and market non timber forest products(NTFP), to ensure sustainability. Named by the colonial administration in 1930 as the Ottotomo Forest Reserve, it comprises fourteen villages on both the Northern and Southern parts of the reserve. The increasing rate of demographic growth with the pressure exerted on the reserve for a livelihood is a call for concern. It is against this backdrop that CIFOR, working in collaboration with some local groups in the area, is seeking alternative means to diversify activities to reduce pressure on the forest. Until the year 2003, the forest was fully controlled by the government through ONADEF today known as ANAFOR, and some supporting organs like CIFOR's Adaptive Co-management programme and ATD(Association de terre et de développement), all of which withdrew due to the economic crisis. The absence of these organs let to free access by the local population into the reserve in search of their livelihood.
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