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Climate change: protecting forest resources

In many parts of Africa, farming communities are already experiencing the impacts of climate change on their crop production, through longer and more frequent dry spells during the rainy season, and also trekking long distances to fetch freshwater for drinking, since streams are drying up. But climate change is also having an impact on forest resources. In West Africa, as in other parts of the continent, forests play a very important role. In Burkina Faso, for example, 80 per cent of fuel used in the home - among both urban and rural families - is firewood. Medicinal plants gathered from forests are also an essential resource in the treatment of illness, particularly among the poor. But climate change is putting the future of these resources at risk, and already people's livelihoods are being affected.So what can be done to protect forest resources against the impacts of climate change? Currently, the Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) is identifying which resources are most vulnerable, and working with forest users to protect them. Johnson Nkem and Monica Idinoba are both working on the project. On a recent visit to Burkina Faso, Susanna Thorp met them, and began by asking Monica whether forest users in West Africa are aware of the impacts that climate change is having on their resources.
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