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By signing Kyoto Protocol, Rudd has set a binding targetMarilyn Shepherd, Kensington, SA

Climate alternative Noting that Kyoto failed to include the quarter of emissions from deforestation in its controls, Sven Wunder and Frances Seymour reported that at Bali and beyond, fixing this is high on the UN agenda ("Seeing REDD to save the forests and the planet", December 14, p23). Apparently it's difficult to come up with effective mechanisms to prevent forest destruction. Those developing nations just don't seem to value their carbon sinks like we do. But where are the West's trees? Well, we removed them hundreds of years ago. Now we want developing countries to do what we say, not what we did, because we value their forests more highly than their agriculture. So, we should keep buying their forests and paying them to not destroy them. But as Wunder and Seymour noted, that isn't going well.
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