The UN recently declared 2021-2030 to be the “Decade of Ecosystem Restoration,” but what does that entail? Learn more about this important topic with CIFOR’s exclusive feature highlighting selected publications, stories and multimedia focused on restoration around the world.

Restoration gained a major push recently thanks to United Nations declaring 2021-2030 the ‘Decade of Ecosystem Restoration.’ This call to action put a spotlight on and will accelerate existing restoration goals such as the Bonn Challenge to restore 350 million hectares worldwide by 2030. The degradation of land and marine ecosystems threatens the well being of 3.2 billion people and more than 2 billion hectares – an area larger than the South American continent – stand to be restored. CIFOR has researched restoration for more than two decades, below is a curated selection of stories, publications and more related to the topic.


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