CIFOR is helping countries find ways to lower poverty while building resilience, using landscape-based research into all the ways forests provide for rural communities.

Forests, food security and nutrition

Through its research on sustainable landscapes and food systems, CIFOR is filling key knowledge gaps on the role of forests and agrobiodiversity at the landscape level in the diets of rural populations across the tropics – including how diets are affected by rapidly changing landscapes, and what can be done to address these changes.

Why integration is key in West Africa’s mosaic landscapes

In the Sahel region of West Africa, fields, fallow, pasture and forests are dotted with trees like shea, nére and baobab, which people use in many different ways. Land use also shifts from season to season and year to year. While this flux blurs the lines between agricultural, pastoral and forest lands, it’s also what allows women and men to adapt to a harsh environment and feed their families.

Honey, nuts, teak and indigo

Kanoppi project helps improve smallholders’ livelihoods through landscape-scale management in eastern Indonesia