CIFOR targets the soial and economic causes of deforestation, working with communities, government and private companies to find ways to restore and sustain tropical forests.

Ethiopia’s new forest law values both conservation and communities

For over a decade, CIFOR scientists in Ethiopia have been working to inform and influence the government so that forestry legislation is well designed to prevent and reverse deforestation and forest degradation. Now they have cause for celebration – a new forest law, which finally accounts for the reality of forests – how they are used are a resource by communities, and how communities can be a resource for their protection.

Harvesting both Brazil nuts and timber Harvesting both Brazil nuts and timber

A new evaluation of CIFOR research on Brazil nut production documents the research team’s experience in using scientific research to influence the development of forest policy in Peru. The country’s guidelines for managing Brazil nut concessions highlight study results that indicate how much timber can be cut without affecting nut yields, making it easier for communities to conserve local forests – and their livelihoods.