Scaling Up to Advance Recognition of Community Land and Resource Rights

30 Sep - 01 Oct 2015, Switzerland

A follow up to the 2013 Interlaken Conference to take stock of current efforts, identify new goals, strategies, and priority next steps

Amidst continuing pressures on community lands and murders of local activists, there was a surge of momentum to protect community land rights in 2014. From leading companies, donors and international organizations, there are now unprecedented commitments to respect community land rights. Seizing this opportunity and ensuring sound and widespread implementation will require accelerated learning, sharing and collaboration across diverse and sometimes unlikely organizations, and much greater ambition will be required.

In 2013, leading Indigenous Peoples and community organizations, NGOs, governments, private companies and investors met in Interlaken to devise strategies to scale up global efforts to secure community land and resource rights. Two years later, it is time to take stock of progress made and catalyze further action to achieve the target of doubling the area of land recognized as owned or controlled by Indigenous Peoples and local communities by 2020.