National Children’s Day 2017

20 - 23 Jul 2017, Labersa Hotel

Children visit CIFOR for International Forest Day, a joint event between CIFOR and the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry. CIFOR scientists will again share their knowledge with the next generation of Indonesian scientists for National Children’s Day at an event from 20-23 July 2017. CIFOR Photo

National Children’s Day is an event dedicated to children across Indonesia, organized by the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection of the Republic of Indonesia.

This year, CIFOR scientists have been invited to share their knowledge of forests and climate change with a delegation of 600 children and 200 other relevant stakeholders. After learning from the scientists, the children’s delegation will be asked to formulate a five-step action plan on climate change, based on their understanding of the priorities to be addressed by the provincial and district/city governments where they live.

CIFOR activities for the day will include:

  • An exhibition about the impact of forest fires on children’s health, arranged at the CIFOR booth by Herry Purnomo from the Fire and Haze project
  • A presentation on the role of forests in climate change mitigation by Fitri Aini, who will also be on hand as a source person throughout the event, from the Climate Change, Energy and low-carbon development unit (CCE)
  • Sponsorship for students Delci Enci Babu and Destini Trigati Toto from Gunung Mutis to join the East Nusa Tenggara children’s delegation, supported by the Kanoppi project led by Ani Nawir

For further information, visit the National Children’s Forum (Forum Anak Nasional) website: