Kyoto Climate Science Dialogue 2019-Production Landscapes and SDGs

14 May 2019, Shiran Kaikan, Kyoto University

Jointly organized by Kyoto University, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature and the Center of International Forestry Research, the dialogue will explore on-the-ground solutions to the climate challenges we are facing.

This international networking workshop will gather international organizations, research institutes, development institutions, and practitioners who have been working on climate change mitigation and adaptation issues at IPCC meeting and GLF Kyoto. It is aimed to strengthen collaborative effort between researchers and practitioners by presenting their work and brainstorm future joint research ideas.

Participants will be given 10 minutes to introduce their expertise and respective works during each session, followed by a discussion for future collaboration opportunities.
Confirmations and questions should be sent to Daisuke Naito ( by 13 May 2019.


Inamori Hall
Welcome remarks
Prof Yasuyuki Kono, Vice President, Kyoto University
Prof Akira Murakami, Dean, Graduate School of Agriculture (GSA), Kyoto University

Keynote Speech
Mr Koji Hongo, Deputy Director-General, Forestry Agency
Mr Hiroto Mitsugi, Assistant Director-General of Forestry Department, FAO
Dr Robert Nasi, Director General, CIFOR
Dr Hwan Ok Ma, Project Manager Reforestation and Forest Management, ITTO

Landscapes and trade-offs towards achieving Paris climate goal
Prof Eiji Nawata, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
Prof Kanehiro Kitayama, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
Dr Christopher Martius, Team leader, CIFOR
Prof Wil de Jong, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University
Dr Yasuko Inoue, Forest and Forest Product Research Institute (FFPRI)
Dr Kanako Morita, FFPRI /UNU-IAS

Moderator: Prof Kaoru Kitajima, Kyoto University/CIFOR

Climate Change, Landscapes and Resilience
Prof Shozo Shibata, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University
Dr. Markku Kanninen, University of Helsinki
Dr Naoki Tani, Senior Scientist, JIRCAS
Prof Nobuhito Ote, Future Earth Unit, Kyoto University
Dr William Dunbar, UNU-IAS, the Satoyama Initiative
Dr Haruni Krisnawati, ITPC, Indonesia
Moderator: Dr Christopher Martius
Networking lunch
Introduction to transforming REDD+: Lessons and new directions
Dr Christopher Martius, Dr Amy Duchelle, Dr Stibniati Atmadja, CIFOR
Comments by Dr Takashi Toma, FFPRI, Dr Taiji Fujisaki, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Inamori Hall
Climate change and peatlands
Prof Kosuke Mizuno, Kyoto University
Dr Haris Gunawan, BRG (tbc)
Dr Mitsuru Osaki (tbc)Hokkaido University
Dr Daniel Murdiyarso, CIFOR
Dr Kristell Hergoualc’h, CIFOR
Dr Kozan Osamu, Kyoto University
Dr Yukako Monda, Kyoto University
Dr Daisuke Naito, Kyoto University/CIFOR
Ms Sisva Silsigia, PT Mayangkara Tanaman Industri
Yamauchi Hall
Circular bio-economy for low-emission development: A new FTA proposal

Introduction to FTA
Dr Vincent Gitz
Introduction the workshop
Dr Christopher Martius

Round-table discussion to introduce all partners and their expertise
Prof Mamoru Kanzaki, Kyoto University
Dr Toshiaki Umezawa, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University
Dr Kenji Umemura, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University
Dr Yoshihisa Fujii, Kyoto University
Dr Takeshi Toma, FFPRI
Dr Hiroyasu Oka, JIRCAS

Discussion of the topic and mapping possible other partners

Coffee break
Inamori Hall
Politics, power and precarity in transformations of swidden social-ecological systems and climate change in Southeast Asia

Dr Grace Wong, Stockholm Resilience Centre
Dr Ole Mertz, U of Copenhagen
Dr Shoko Sakai, Center for Ecological Studies, Kyoto University
Dr Moira Moeliono, CIFOR
Dr Maria Brockhaus, University of Helsinki
Prof. Masahiro Ichikawa, Kochi University

Yamauchi Hall
Climate change and finance mechanism

Dr Taiji Fujisaki, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
Dr Stibniati Atmadja, CIFOR
Dr Denis Sonwa, CIFOR
Prof. Fumikazu Ubukata, Okayama University
Dr Makoto Ehara (FFPRI)
Dr Hiroshi Nakata, JICA

Dr Vincent Gitz, FTA Director, CSEAS (tbc)
Dr Yasuko Inoue, FFPRI
Dr Hiroyasu Oka, JIRCAS
Prof Mamoru Kanzaki, Kyoto University
Evening reception