IPBC Wetlands Supplement Exchange 2018

12 - 13 Jul 2018, Unnamed Venue

  • 12 – 13 July 2018, Brisbane, Australia
  • A technical exchange would share the experiences of those countries that have already begun incorporating the supplement and approaches to overcoming common challenges such as gathering data. In addition to co-hosts Australia, who first reported on mangroves and tidal marshes using the supplement in 2017, a range of other countries who have experience implementing, or interest in, the supplement have been invited. This includes Indonesia, Japan, UAE, Chile, UK, USA, China, Thailand, PNG, Fiji and This event will also provide a forum for updating countries on the latest technologies and science available on wetlands by leading scientists in the field and experts in measurement, reporting and verification. This exchange would give countries greater confidence to implement the Wetlands Supplement.
  • While the Wetlands Supplement covers all wetlands, this exchange proposes to focus on coastal ecosystems, or blue carbon (mangroves, tidal marshes and seagrasses), initially given their importance as globally significant carbon stocks and for coastline resilience. Many of the lessons will be relevant to other wetland categories.

For more information: https://bluecarbonpartnership.org/