International Symposium and Workshop on Tropical Peatlands “Carbon-Climate-Human Interactions: Carbon Pools, Mitigation, Restora

23 Aug - 01 Sep 2007,

August 23 – 1 September 2007, Indonesia

Call for Papers, Posters and Participants:

23-24 August 2007: Pre-symposium field excursion in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia to visit natural, degraded and developed peatland.

27-29 August 2007: International Symposium and Workshop in Hyatt Regency Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

30-31 August 2007: Indonesian National Seminar and Workshop in Hyatt Regency Hotel, Yogyakarta.

31 August and 1 September 2007: Post-symposium field excursion in Riau Sumatra to visit pulp tree plantation on peatland.


  • Inventory and mapping
  • Impacts of land use change and fire
  • Monitoring land use change, fire and illegal logging
  • Fire awareness, control and community fire management
  • Carbon pools, greenhouse gas emissions and climate relations
  • Carbon and Kyoto: peat carbon financing mechanisms
  • Restoration of degraded peatland (e.g. the former Mega Rice Project area): options, constraints and problems
  • Sustainable management – applying wise use principles
  • Management for wildlife conservation
  • Development for agriculture, forestry (including plantations) and settlement
  • Hydrology and water management
  • Natural resource utilization by local communities

Funding Sponsors:

  • EU CARBOPEAT Project
  • Embassy of Finland, Jakarta
  • Embassy of the Netherlands, Jakarta


  • Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Gadjah Mada University,
  • Indonesian Peat Association (International Peat Society)

Further information: