International Conference to Promote the Development of Tropical Non-Timber Forest Products and Services. Beijing, China, 23-28 S

23 - 28 Sep 2007,

For decades, non-timber forest products (NTFPs) and services have generated high expectations due to their potential to combine forest management and conservation with income generation. However, progress has often been less than hoped for and expected.

This conference, designed primarily to showcase practical rather than theoretical/academic experiences with NTFPs and forest services in the tropics, will:

  • bring producers, traders and consumers together to share experiences in promoting tropical NTFPs in domestic and international trade;
  • study opportunities to promote the development of NTFPs and forest services that can improve the economic attractiveness of maintaining the forest resource base;
  • and make recommendations on policy and other measures to promote the sustainable production of NTFPs and the sustainable provision of forest services.

Participants will include decision-makers and experts from governments, companies and cooperatives, industry associations, local communities, and international and non-governmental organizations. The conference will be open to all interested participants and there will be no fees for participation, except for those fees associated with pre- and post- conference tours to NTFP centers.

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