02 Sep 2021, Online

A blueprint to build thriving, sustainable food systems

Our world is in crisis. The evidence is clear that humans are causing climate change, biodiversity loss, land degradation, inequalities and a range of intertwined problems that are putting life on earth at risk. At the heart of these challenges is our broken food system, affecting all of us.  We need access to nutrient-rich food that supports health and wellbeing, provides employment and income for everyone, including women, Indigenous Peoples and marginalized groups, and ensures that our landscapes are and remain productive in the future.

During this half-day digital event, CIFOR-ICRAF and its partners will present solutions to tackle the food system crisis: nature-positive solutions based on scientific evidence that diversify our food system, build new and equitable markets for a wider range of domesticated crops from wild foods to create value for local and Indigenous communities and the role of forest and trees for creating a sustainable food system.

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