Tearing down roadblocks to financing sustainable development

Amid a growing global effort to ramp up investments in sustainable land use, some 200 pioneers in sustainable finance will meet in London on 10 June to devise ways to unleash a flow of private capital to land-use projects with economic and environmental payoffs.

Participants at the invitation-only event, The Global Landscapes Forum: The Investment Case, coordinated by CIFOR in partnership with the European Investment Bank, UNEP and The World Bank, will include finance, climate and sustainable development experts from corporations, funds, banks, governments, research and civil society. Together, they will determine how to channel private and corporate finance into land-use investments and initiatives that are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable but have not yet benefited from major global funds.

Far-sighted investors are eager to invest in sustainable development projects that support business growth as well as environmental goals, but funneling funds to the right places and schemes that could deliver healthy long-term returns requires new financial mechanisms, bankable business models and innovative thinking on managing and mitigating the risks associated with investing in this new frontier.

Topics and challenges up for discussion at the one-day event include due diligence, weak governance, international standards for responsible land-based investments, risk management, insurance, forest finance and deforestation-free supply chains. Participants will focus on identifying the practical, financial aspects behind discussions about how to tackle climate change and deliver sustainable development.

For more information, visit www.landscapes.org/london.

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