Results are in: Your Top 20 questions on forestry and landscapes

The global T20Q project has identified 20 key research and policy questions for forestry and landscapes, as written and selected by the general public.

Restoration of degraded ecosystems heads the list, which also features questions on sustainability, climate change, biodiversity, water, land-grabbing and agriculture, among others.

The Sylva Foundation, in partnership with the Center for International Forestry Research’s Evidence-Based Forestry initiative, identified the questions during a two-phase research project launched in May 2014.

Participants in 104 countries suggested more than 2,800 questions during the project’s first phase, which ran until November. These questions were then indexed and sorted by theme into a short list of 109 questions. In phase two of the project, 818 respondents ranked the questions in order of importance.

The list of the top 20 questions was finalized in December and is available here.

The questions will be used to guide systematic reviews to uncover the state of knowledge on these important topics.