New brochure highlights FTA research

A new brochure has been launched on the CGIAR Research Program on Forests, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA). It gives an overview of current activities as well as outcomes across the five flagship projects and cross-cutting themes. Infographics and maps illustrate ongoing FTA research and inter-agency collaboration. The 16-page brochure is available in print and on the FTA website. It will be translated into French and Spanish.

The brochure is only one element of strengthened communications around forests, trees and agroforestry. The most significant addition to FTA communications lies in the bimonthly newsletter featuring the latest news from partners. Sign up now to start receiving it – the next edition comes out in early June.

The website has also been updated and revived with more original content, including discussions between scientists, regular updates on how mainstream media cover relevant topics and research, a Twitter feed by FTA Director Robert Nasi, and a cross-center events calendar.