Global Landscapes Forum 2014 is carbon neutral

The Global Landscapes Forum 2014 is carbon neutral.

The Swiss-based company South Pole Carbon has agreed to support an offset project for reforestation in Colombia to make up for the Forum’s CO2 emissions.

The Director of Forestry and Land Use for South Pole Carbon, Christian Dannecker, says it “naturally made sense” for them to make GLF carbon neutral.

“The Forum brings together key decision makers from across the world who may have a big impact on designing upcoming climate change policy. […] South Pole is a leading company, which works in Analysis, Policy and Action. All this helps firms, the public sector and other organizations in achieving their sustainability targets.”

In compensation for CO2 emissions from the Global Landscapes Forum, South Pole Carbon will retire carbon credits from their Chinchiná Watershed protection and afforestation project in Colombia. This project has already absorbed more than 250,000 tons of CO2 emissions. According to Dannecker, it has also connected the local community more closely to the forest by building a better understanding of how important it is for their everyday needs.

Dannecker will also speak at the GLF session, Making the case for organic farming and for a low external input sustainable agriculture as climate-smart landscape solutions.

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