CIFOR’s new membership in the Ibero-American Model Forest Network

The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) recently joined the board of the Ibero-american Model Forest Network (IAMFN). This unique regional platform brings together different countries, with diverse biophysical and socioeconomic landscapes, seeking sustainable forest management with a common vision.

The IAMFN, originally the Latin American Model Forest Network, serves as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences of the more than 30 model forests in the Latin American region, which now cover more than 31 million hectares in 15 countries.

“A Model Forest is a social platform that represents multiple interests and human values, established in a populated forest to promote the sustainable management of resources at the landscape scale with broad participation of different social actors” explained Ronnie de Camino, Chair of the IAMFN Board.

The network includes academic and research organizations, entities that represent key areas of permanent learning. The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE) houses the Secretariat and the Chair of the Board.

The network and the model forests have achieved a significant multiplier effect contributing to international cooperation, increasing by 18 times the investment in infrastructure, staff and others, according to de Camino.

As part of the Directory of the IAMFN, CIFOR will participate in formulation of guidelines, policies and directions for future research and development by the network.

“As a leading global institution, CIFOR’s experience in areas such as governance, management at the landscape scale, knowledge transfer, and equity in forest management will help the network remain at the forefront of research and development responding to multiple demands that society increasingly imposes on forests and their environment” said Manuel Guariguata, Principal Scientist and CIFOR’s Coordinator for Latin America.

He added that “CIFOR’s focus on comparative research, one of its strengths at the global level, will benefit both strategically and in practice, as CIFOR will be working with various actors within the region’s model forests.”