CIFOR’s DG wins Sweden’s ‘Golden Twig’ award

CIFOR’s Director General, Peter Holmgren, has been awarded the ’Golden Twig’ by the Swedish Forestry Association, on the occasion of International Day of Forests 2016.

The Golden Twig, one of the most prestigious awards within the Swedish forestry sectory, is awarded to individuals deemed, on a national or international level, to have made a valuable contribution to the development of forestry and the forests.

Holmgren, who has been Director General of CIFOR since 2012, shares his thoughts on forestry in the DG’s Column on Forests News and on Twitter.

Following is the full text of the news as released by the Swedish Forestry Association.




Almost all people on earth depend on forests. Rich and poor. Forests provide food and fuel for cooking. Forests provide medicines, income and all kinds of products of importance in our everyday lives. Forests also give us exciting adventures and spiritual experiences. But if we in the future want to live in justice and prosperity and in balance with nature the forest must give a lot more of this. One of the Swedes who does the most to get there is Peter Holmgren.

“It is a great honor to receive the Golden Twig. I am especially glad that I, who work internationally, receive this award because it shows that forest issues are important. I look forward to continue working with both International and Swedish forestry,” says Peter Holmgen.

In his current job as Director General of the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and his previous work in the UN he runs, on a global level, the development of a sustainable use of forests. With roots in Swedish forest inventory, forest management and multiple use of forests, with an impressive global network, he works for forests that give more to everyone. From those living in or close to the forest to urban residents who need renewable industrial products and fuels in their everyday lives.

To push the global development requires skills in science and analysis, as well as advocacy. It requires experience of cultural differences, visions and ability to see many perspectives. Peter Holmgren combines these talents. He shows that the commitment to the forest not only concerns your own surroundings. Peter makes a great contribution to the sustainable management of the world’s forests.


The Golden Twig is awarded to individuals who on a national or international level have given valuable contributions to the development of forestry and the forests. It is one of the most regarded awards within the Swedish forestry sector. Jury for the award is the board of the Swedish Forestry Association, and the Golden Twig is presented to the award winner by the patron of the association, the Swedish king, H M Carl XVI Gustaf.

The Swedish Forestry Association is an NGO acting since 1882 to promote good forest stewardship. Since the start till present the organization has highlighted outstanding deeds for improving forestry. For more than 130 years the association has been a vital party in the work to turn deforestation in a poor country over to sustainable forest management in a respected forest nation with the worlds third largest export of forest products. (