CIFOR signs MOU with Sriwijaya University

BOGOR (20 July, 2018) – Continuing their commitment to explore opportunities to restoring degraded peatlands through the paludiculture technique in Sumatra, the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and Sriwijaya University will sign a memorandum of understanding today at CIFOR’s headquarters in Bogor.

“Sriwijaya University is one of the leading institutions in South Sumatra and a partner in one of the important components of the research projects on bioenergy production potential from degraded in Indonesia, which focuses on what species can be cultivated successfully on certain types of degraded peat lands to restore them into sustainable forest and produce biomass and bio-oil.,” said CIFOR Senior Scientist Himlal Baral.

“Through the collaboration that will be undertaken with CIFOR, activities that have been done will be more useful and meaningful both on the national and international level. The collaboration to be conducted will be directed to activities that are beneficial to both parties and [the collaboration] will also focus on ways to increase research and publications,” said Sriwijaya University Professor Rujito Agus Suwignyo.

Previously, the two institutions collaborated in media workshops, events such as the Global Landscapes Forum Peatlands Matters and the Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit, and the mentoring of local and international masters degree students. Currently, CIFOR and Sriwijaya University are working on a joint project proposal, “Peatland restoration for climate, environment and people based on paludiculture using a multidimensional approach.”

The signing of the MOU will allow the two organizations to continue working together on a range of projects, including educational opportunities for Sriwijiya University students, technical assistance, the exchange of information and awareness-raising activities.

During the official visit, the delegation from Sriwijaya University, which includes the university’s rector, Professor Anis Saggaff and vice rector,Professor Zainuddin Nawawi, will meet with CIFOR Director General Robert Nasi and other scientists, go on a campus tour and visit its laboratory.

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CIFOR’s research on bioenergy is currently supported by National Institute of Forest Sciences (NIFOS), Korea.

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