CIFOR, Korea University team up to strengthen sustainable development through Resilient Landscapes

Korea University’s OJeong Eco-Resilience Institute (OJERI) and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) agreed to jointly develop forestry and landscape research projects and collaborate on other initiatives in an effort to promote sustainable and resilient landscape for meeting climate and sustainable development goals. The two organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 14 June in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

The agreement will help promote environmental resilience in the face of climate change risks as well as raise awareness of the importance of nature for livelihood and wellbeing, according to Jeong-Gyu Kim, Director of OJeri, and Robert Nasi, Director General of CIFOR.

“It is important to address social-ecological changes that threaten quality of life and to contribute to a sustainable society,” Kim said. National and international cooperation are therefore inevitable to achieve this goal.

OJERI and CIFOR aim to jointly develop research projects and capacity building in the following areas:

  • Forest and landscape restoration
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Social and ecosystem resilience
  • Sustainable landscapes through the Global Landscapes Forum
  • Student exchanges, training and capacity building

The two organizations will also co-develop proposals to fund collaborative research and development activities. The agreement also includes exchanging strategies and knowledge products, alongside outreach and engagement activities.

The MoU will help contribute to evidence-based decision making, a critical component to tackling the environmental challenges the world faces. “If we want to make progress, we need to run twice as hard,” CIFOR’s Nasi said.

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