Call for papers Special Issue “The Governance of Natural Forest Regrowth as a Restoration Option”

Deadline for manuscript submissions:
30 September 2021


Suggested topics

  • The persistence of naturally regenerated forests: policy and normative issues;
  • Land sparing vs. land sharing: implications for the long-term persistence of natural forest regrowth;
  • Large-scale restoration through natural forest regrowth: challenges and opportunities;
  • Research capacity and curricular development in the context of natural forest regrowth;
  • Innovative business models, incentive schemes and their socioeconomic effectiveness;
  • Intersectorial conflicts and concordances on the governance of naturally regenerated forests;
  • Agrarian reform and drivers of natural forest regeneration;
  • The role of natural forest regrowth in national restoration targets at multiple scales;
  • Socioecological mapping and classification of natural forest regrowth;
  • Dynamics of the urban-to-rural nexus and the fate of naturally regrown forests;
  • Extrasectorial policies influencing the development and permanence of naturally regenerated forests;
  • The governance of carbon stocks in the context of natural forest regrowth.
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