Benefit sharing findings presented at PFES learning workshop in Vietnam

Scientists from the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) shared the latest findings of a global study of benefit sharing in REDD+ at a workshop held in Hanoi, Vietnam yesterday.

Convened by the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), the workshop brought together a variety of Vietnamese and international stakeholders to discuss lessons learned from Vietnam’s Payments for Forest Environmental Services (PFES) policy—the first of its kind in Asia to be implemented nationwide.

The PFES policy aims to help people sustainably manage and protect their forests and landscapes by compensating them for the costs involved in doing so.

“This workshop is an important part of the Ministry’s roadmap to enhance the performance of PFES, particularly at the provincial level,” Dr. Nguyen Ba Ngai, Deputy Director General Vietnam’s Forest Administration (VNFOREST).

“By sharing experiences, challenges and lessons from case studies in Vietnam and globally, we can contribute towards a better policy framework for PFES, and can inform the decision-making of the Vietnam Forest Protection and Development Fund at both the central and provincial levels.”

CIFOR scientists, Pham Thu Thuy, Grace Wong and Anastasia Yang presented a number of different findings. This included an analysis of various PFES payment schemes, and implications of different governance levels and decision-making processes for forest management in Vietnam.

The scientists also drew on lessons from various sectors and countries so that the benefit sharing mechanisms for programs such as REDD+ and PFES in Vietnam can be made more effective, efficient and equitable.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is currently reviewing the policy to improve on-ground implementation and enhance outcomes for people and the environment.

The workshop was organized by the Vietnam Forest Protection and Development Fund (VNFF), with support from CIFOR, Transparency International and Towards Transparency.